Packaging services

We have 27 years of practical experience in the area of packaging. We have also expanded our activities to other industrial areas where we use the specialist knowledge and practical experience of our specialists. By 2000, we had already adopted new types of packaging using new packaging materials and new methods which resulted in significant savings in packaging.


At a professional level, we offer:
- packaging of machines, various types of equipment, measuring machines and devices, filling lines, bridge cranes and their accessories, steel constructions, pressure vessels, electrical distributors and more
- packaging of large and heavy products
- special overseas packaging
- packaging directly in customers' premises using our mobile team
- anti-corrosion protection of products
Types of packaging:
- casing
- crating
- pallets
Used materials:
- quality timber
- chipboard
- plywood
Construction design:
- we prepare a packaging design using software, depending upon the method of handling, transportation and storage (adapted to the shape and size of goods)
For our largest customer, U. S. Steel Košice s.r.o., we carry out:
  • packaging of rolls and metal sheets
  • packaging of heating equipment - radiators


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